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June 10, 2012

Last to the Party, episode 1

I Finally Found Out About Andy Samberg's music group 'The Lonely Island',

Welcome to 'Late to the Party', where I share all the cool and funny videos that I either finally found on YouTube or someone eventually told or showed me but mostly the ones I overhear or read about. 
These videos are the coolest, and very latest funny videos for all of those people like me who are the last to find out about cool and funny videos. 
Hot today on the outer fringes of cool is the comedy music group starring Andy Samberg from SNL,  'The Lonely Island'

...Just as a warning the video is dirty.

Warning: video is explicit, DON'T play at work

     I feel the need to explain this one a little so let me start by saying, I am not easily offended and have always been a big fan of over the top style comedy.  I am very open minded with humor and if your easily offended you will not agree with me this time.  Turn back now. 
     The material is dirty but its' also so funny I thought I was going to choke to death laughing when I first heard 'I'm on a boat'.  So yes, it's dirty, but it's very funny and if your OK with that you'll see why I appreciate 'The Lonely Island so much.  I think they are hilarious and that's whats really important to me.  I love to laugh and in my opinion whether clean or dirty funny is funny. 
     I think 'TheLonely Island's' aggressive style is hilarious.  And even though it's very blue, and even at times vulgar, mostly it's still always very clever and well executed.  Their videos and music are so well preformed by the group as well as their special guests from the music world make the antics all the funnier.  I thought it was worth sharing here on the first Late to the Party. 
     I chose "The Lonely Island's" video "Like a Boss" to show the group to you here on the blog but there are many other great ones on YouTube.  If you liked "Like a Boss" you should go check out the I'm On A Boat video with this link.  I would have used it instead because it's fkn hilarious but the lyrics were a little too dirty.  Another great quirky one is Jack Sparrow featuring Micheal, "when a man loves a woman" , fkn Bolton.  Another one that you may have even already seen is D*ck in a box with Justin Timberlake from SNL which won the group an Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics back in 2007.  
     Anyway, I think they're hilarious and I just wanted to tell someone now that I finally knew about them and since I don't know anyone else, I told you. 
     That's just we do here at 'Late to the Party' and, you're welcome.

Disclaimer: If you already knew about this video give yourself a high five and shut the f*ck up because your not even our target demographic.  Please don't be a jerk by pointing it out because the nerd showing this to you thinks its new and he really needs this.  I mean, just look at him, I don't even think he has any friends. 

This has been another edition of 'Late to the Party' by Laughing News and your source for free comedy the Laughing at Life blog.  Take one its free!  And don't mention it, its really no big deal your welcome.

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