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February 3, 2012

Waiting by Appt only

     Imagine getting to spend your whole day waiting.  Just sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair with a whole library of last years lowest selling magazines right at your fingertips and your very own "All You Can Wait Buffet" to fill your otherwise empty day.  
You can stare blankly at fuzzy out of focus images of Daytime TV with no sound while enjoying breathing in a room full of germs and B.O..
     Exciting right?  You bet your ass it is.  The waiting room is so damn intense in fact that they have to move you to a second, smaller waiting room with even older, more obscure magazines and an even smaller TV just to get you wound down from the initial high.   

     This is the room where you get to really wait.  Just wait and let it soak in deep that your time is meaningless.  What else were you gonna do today?  Nothing thats what.  Fall in line with the other robots.  Why are you trying to be all elegant?
     Telling time with numbers and fancy clocks...

You must think your someone special, like a Doctor. 

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